Permanently Restore Missing Teeth

Dental Implants in Eau Claire

Dr. Shook performing dental work with an assistant
What Are My Options

After Losing Teeth?

The best way to restore missing teeth is with a dental implant. While other options like dental bridges and dentures are available, implants last longer, look and feel more natural, and will provide better overall results.

Dental implants are small pieces of metal that are surgically placed into the area where you’ve lost a tooth. They heal and integrate with the jaw bone, which locks them in place. Implants act as an artificial tooth root and can be attached to a crown, bridge, or set of dentures to restore your smile. Contact us now and see if implants are right for you.

Restore One Or More Teeth

Single-Tooth Implants

Single-tooth implants are the most common type of treatment. They consist of one implant, which is restored with a porcelain dental crown. They are extremely durable and can last 30+ years. They also look and feel completely natural and will never move. You also don’t need to do anything special to care for them beyond routine brushing and flossing, and regular six-month visits to Shook Family Dental.

Traditional Dentures Alternative

Full-Arch Implants

Full-arch dental implants use a set of 4-6 implants, placed in the lower, upper, or both arches of the mouth. These implants snap onto a set of permanent or removable dentures, restoring the entire smile. Full-arch implants and dentures are a great alternative to traditional dentures.

The Benefits Of Full-Arch Implants Vs. Dentures

More natural look and feel
Will never shift or move
Long-lasting results
Less care and maintenance required

Mini Implants

As the name suggests, mini implants are about half the size of “traditional” implants, making them less invasive for patients. This means they require less healthy jaw bone to be stable. They are a good option for some patients, particularly for those in need of support on a lower set of dentures.


Faster recovery process
Often can restore implants in one day